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Client Portal

Here you will find everything you need to manage your experience within your treatment at the Indigo Clinic! 

  • We have set the intention that light and wellbeing pour forth through this space into you. You may sense an increasing sense of peace and oneness as we continue our work.
  • New synapses are created within your brain that help you to open more to light and spirit through the work we do here. Your sensitivity to the subtle energy field that surrounds your body and mind will increase also.
  • This is a sacred space, and the work that we do within our treatments is in reverence to the highest light, the golden white light at the center of all that is. It is our intention that the time you spend here nurtures the cells in your body and inspires your mind.
Treatment Program

A treatment program is a complete plan for the treatments you will be completing at the Indigo Clinic. It is provided to you at the beginning of your treatment process. You can view your treatment program on this page.

Treatment Recordings

Every treatment within the Indigo Clinic includes a Feedback Form and a Treatment Recording. Both can be found in your Treatment Folder on this page. It can take up to 24 hours after your appointment for the feedback form and treatment recording to be uploaded. If you do not see your Feedback Form and Treatment Recording, first refresh your browser cache, if it is still not there and it has been 24 hours since your appointment please email [email protected]

Treatment Check-Ins

A treatment check-in is an opportunity to check in with your practitioner. It usually takes place 7 days after your scheduled appointment. However, you can schedule a treatment check-in any time you have a question about any part of your treatment program.

Integrative Care

All of our treatments and treatment programs integrate multiple holistic healing modalities with the intention of bringing you into a state of transcendent health, a state of health higher than what you know to be possible. We will always share our guidance for integrating holistic health practices with you. You will find this portal evolving with resources to support your specific healing program. You are encouraged to integrate other holistic modalities and practices that you are intuitively drawn with this program. You only need to trust your intuition, and commit to the process. 

Welcome, Ryn!

Client Status: Active

Treatment Credit: $23

Indigo Health Plan Benefit: $357


Program Start: May 16, 2020
Program Completion: March 5, 2022

DNA Activation & Attunement Resource Portal

Prepare For Your Appointment

The different holistic modalities that we work with are designed to lead you into altered states of consciousness to facilitate the healing process. Here are our recommendations to prepare for each appointment:


Create a 14 Detoxification Plan

It will benefit you to spend 7 days before and after your treatment detoxifying your body, environment and mind. An ideal plan includes abstinence from animal products, processed food and other intoxicants. Strive to eat only fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. Practice mindful removal of toxins from your environment including household chemicals, personal care products and beauty with known toxins. Also, practice a news and media fast. Cleanse your body with extra water daily, locally sourced spring water is ideal.


Schedule Downtime

Energy healing practices can sometimes cause discomfort in the form of headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, anger, or resurfacing of whatever it is you are letting go of. Expect this to happen and prepare for it. Schedule extra time to sleep and plan for extra nurturing and relaxing activities on days of your treatments.


Prepare Your Space

If you are receiving a treatment online, it is important to prepare your space first. Make sure that you have a clear and quiet space where you will not be interrupted for at least 2 hours.

Give yourself 90 minutes for your treatment and another 30 minutes, 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after, at least, to integrate the energy of the healing. If you are able to remain in your sacred space for longer to prepare for your treatment or afterward to integrated the energy, do this.

Before the treatment is scheduled to begin, open your space with a ceremony. Opening your space is a simple and powerful practice in which you set the intention that your space be a container only of the highest vibrational light.

I felt an immense sense of love and healing. I felt Archangel Michael with me. I felt so happy and like things were changing deeply & in an unprecedented way.


Miami, Florida

Service with Love & Light

Miracles are seen in light. Light and Strength are One.