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You’re Merkaba activation is the final step in your full DNA Activation & Attunement. The activation of your DNA occurs through the full activation of your lightbody, also known as your Merkaba field through the attunement to high vibrational frequencies of divine light.

This part of the process requires increased focus and attention to the light, your breath, and the spinning star tetrahedrons within each of your chakras and around your entire body.

During your scheduled Merkaba Activations, orbs of light are programmed with the frequency of the energy you are to be attuned to. Sacred crystalline symbols that are imprinted onto your energy field. The symbols come together to create an energetic orb help you to resonate with the frequency.  In order to experience a full activation of your Merkaba field, you must commit over the next six weeks to prioritizing your attention to focus on your lightbody. 

When you wake up in the morning, practice the Merkaba Preparation Exercize below. Our purpose at the end of this process is not just to active your Merkaba field once, but it is to active your merkaba fiedl fully so that you can operate from within your Merkaba Vehicle of Light EVERY DAY.

All you need is desire, intention & focused attention daily.

  Merkaba Preparation Script

This Merkaba Preparation Script provides you with written instructions to complete this daily breathwork process to active your Merkaba Vehicle of Light. Think of your Merkaba Vehicle of Light as the vehicle that brings you into the fifth dimension. Our goal is to wake up every day and travel to the fifth dimension. Then we can operate from our fifth dimensional consciousness in the work that we do in the third dimension. Therefore your goal for the next six weeks is when you wake up in the morning to practice activating your Merkaba Vehicle of Light. You can do this using the audio preparation or you can do it without the audio using the script; whatever feels easiest for you.


Fast from food, media and sexual activity for 24-72 hours. Prepare a healing environment by bringing crystals, candles or fresh flowers into the space you will be in. When you are ready to receive the activation, find a quiet space where you can lie flat uninterrupted for 60-90 minutes. Allow your mind to clear. Enter the treatment room 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. 

The energy of the activation will always unfold at the rate that you need and allow. This means you may feel the activation fully on day 1, or it may take 2, 3 4, or more days for you to fully experience it.


Once you activate your Merkaba Vehicle, the orb will become one with your energy field beginning at your soul star chakra. The orb will fill your physical, mental and emotional bodies and seals your crown with divine golden white light and pure love. The energy will always unfold at the rate that you both need and allow.

The hours, days, weeks and months after an activation is sacred time. It will take time for all of the energy to integrate. During this time, practice grounding activities including extra sleep, extra physical exercise, whole foods and extra pure water. Relax and eat healthy, light meals for the next few days and weeks. Be vigilant when it comes to keeping your body hydrated. Water will help to flush out the old energy and will help to give life to the new. Practice self healing daily to fully realize the power of your activated Merkaba Vehicle of Light. You will feel lightness, increased creativity, emotional release, and increased energy. However, as the energy moves through you, you may also feel detox symptoms such as increased fatigue, disinterest in old activities, increased thirst and lower energy levels. These are just signs from your body that the energy is moving through you.

Merkaba activations complete a process of sacred transmissions. They are created of eternal love and can never be lost, their effects may fade with inattention over time. The process of activating your Merkaba Vehicle of Light brings you into unity with your center of truth and strength. From this place, it is easier and easier to realize every moment is a sacred gift, to connect to our highest selves through our breath and to surrender to the deeper meaning and higher purpose always present.


Within the Merkaba Activation process, you are attuned to a high vibrational golden orb of light. Once you have completed your activation, it can benefit you to practice breathing the golden light through your body. This is greatly assisted by music! The playlists below each have a separate purpose and can help to raise your vibration in between the time of your formal healing practice.

The first playlist is mostly from Hildegard Von Bingen, she does an amazing job of vocalizing divine light.