What we do every day, every week and every month

is what shapes our health.

Healing on a cellular level begins with our daily decisions.

Full Healing Treatments

Receive between one and seven full healing treatments every year, depending on your level of membership. Full Healing Treatments include DNA Activation & Attunement, Holistic Therapy, Holistic Hypnotherapy, Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Chakra Clearing & Balancing.

Clinic Treatments

Clinic Treatments are 30-minute healing appointments. Treatments available every week are Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Chakra Clearing & Balancing and Holistic Hypnotherapy. Every month, as part of your membership you receive either one or two clinic treatments.

Treatments are the first step. Community & healing resources helps make becoming an Indigo Member a decision that changes your life!

Indigo Meditation Library

Receive total access to the Indigo Meditation Library. Here you will find:

-A transformational 15 week Chakra Healing Intensive Program to begin your healing journey or to reinvigorate your lifeforce anytime you feel like you need it.

– Access to our entire catalog of meditations and hypnotic energy healing experiences. Over 35 and growing everyday to support your healing.


All Indigo Members receive free admission to our masterclasses & workshops and discounts on all of our healing retreats.

– Monthly Events & Workshops to rise into your highest self!

– Masterclasses Every Week!

– For each month you are a member, receive a credit in the amount of your membership towards any retreat with us. For example: $55 a month X 12 months = $660 Retreat Credit. Win, win.

*Hosted in partnership with Pleiadian Institute, this benefit alone has infinite value. You can view the 2020 schedule at In the navigation go to Education >> Events & Workshops.


11%-44% off Healing Crystals & ORGANIC Herbs

Earn a discount on healing crystals and organic herbs.

OM Apothecary, the first social enterprise of Indigo International, delivers high vibrational healing crystals and coming in FALL 2020, Organic Herbs and Organic Herbal Tinctures, all over the world.

"Mentally I feel I am letting go of my past emotional baggage. Emotionally I am starting to have more clarity and awareness over my emotions. Physically feeling alot lighter and breathing is clearer."

– Shane