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Our HYPNOSIS CLINIC  leads you through a process by which you are able to gain access to your subconscious mind in a therapeutic setting for healing purposes. We recognize the mind and body as interconnected – but the spirit as an essential component in any healing work. You are led into a state where your body and mind are relaxed and nearly asleep. Also awake will be those parts of your mind which we are working with to induce the changes desired.

About Holistic Hypnosis

What is it?

Everything you experience in life, from your successes and failures to your body, your health and your relationships, are a result of how you perceive and filter your awareness and thoughts in your mind. Hypnosis works with both layers of your mind, your subconscious and conscious – in order to bring about deep change and release unconscious and conscious habits, patterns, beliefs, and thoughts that are no longer serving your highest self. The mind is a central force in our physical, mental and emotional expression. We know that our subconscious mind has power, but we rarely are taught how to use the power of our subconscious mind together with our conscious mind to heal ourselves and ascend into our full potential as humans.

How Does It Work?

Hypnotherapy has been clinically studied to bring healing to many physical & mental conditions. Our hypnotherapists have specific expertise with treating Anxiety, Fears, Depression, Smoking, Weight-Loss, Cancer, Epilepsy, Infertility, Sexuality & Intimacy, Pain Management, Insomnia, Anorexia & Bulimia, Bed-Wetting, Test-Taking, Self-Esteem & Confidence.

When you are able to integrate your spiritual center, you activate yet another dimension of healing. Our philosophy is that every problem, every obstacle in our lives, has a spiritual origin and solution. Therefore, all healing is spiritual healing. This philosophy is at the core of our holistic hypnotherapy sessions….

Each treatment includes a self-hypnosis program with MP3 recordings to use daily. Our certified hypnotherapists craft a specific blend of modalities to aid you both in easing pain and discomfort, raising your energy and clarity and illuminating areas needing balance within your body and mind. 

The Process

Our model brings healing to your physical, mental and emotional body through honoring your whole being. We treat each individual with an approach that combines:


– Recognize and eliminate limiting thoughts and beliefs while simultaneously building new higher vibrational thought patterns.
– Recognize habits and patterns that shape your life and begin the co-creation of new habits.


– Tune into the energetic layers of your body to determine strengths and blocks.
– Use energy healing techniques with hypnosis to release mental and emotional blocks within your physical body.


– Recognize and feel connection to the cosmos.
– Become one with the divine light within, connect with spirit as a means to heal & ascend.

Our Mindset

We honor the genius that lies within our unconscious mind; the seat of all creativity that drives all action. When we do not tend to our unconscious desires, they can control us in the form of dis-ease or illness. Working deeply with our unconscious requires time, patience, and the ability to let go and be. Our mindset is grounded in the belief that only love is real. Love is the ultimate prevention & cure. We train our minds to see, feel and experience love as the center of our reality.

Who is it for?

Holistic Hypnotherapy is for humans of every age and mental capacity. It is a process that requires commitment, time, patience, and the ability to let go and be.We create treatment programs to strategically and progressively improve mental and physical performance over a period of time for a specific goal. We specifically treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, smoking addiction, weight loss, Parkinson’s disease, pain, chronic illness, stroke, cancer, brain injury, and recovery from physical injury and mental illness. 

Children & Teen Health

We create custom programs for children and teens. We are experienced in the development of treatment programs to support children and teens diagnosed with or experiencing symptoms of ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, bed wetting, teeth grinding and bi-polar disorder.

LGBTQ Health

Our treatments spiritually support the unique ascension journey of souls called to a path as a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender being and for anyone questioning their sexual identity. This is a safe, supportive and empowering space for you.

Women's Health

Our Holistic Hypnotherapy process supports healing of the divine feminine in all ways including Hypnobirthing, fertility, hormonal balance, menopause, post partum depression, recovery from sexual abuse & trauma.  

How Much Does it Cost?

Holistic Hypnotherapy Treatments take place in programs that include 3, 6, 9 or 14 treatments. Once you complete your discovery session, you will know how many treatments are in your program.

There are four ways to pay for the treatments:

1. Individually as $111.00 treatments.

2. Pay in three packs, $255 for 3 treatments. This makes each treatment only $85.

3. Become an Indigo Member and pay as little as $39 a month. Use the credits from your membership towards your treatment program.

Your body is a holy temple, your mind is a vessel for enlightenment.

Commit to transcendent health and if you fall, get back up and recommit, there is nothing more precious.

Radical Inclusion is one of our foundational policies and it means that we make a way for all to join us, even those with financial hardship.

If these healing treatments seem like a perfect fit for you, but you need the financial resources, you can become a volunteer with Indigo International! All Indigo International volunteer positions are virtual and include generous benefits including an Indigo Membership as part of the benefit package. Learn more here!

I felt an immense sense of love and healing. I felt Archangel Michael with me. I felt so happy and like things were changing deeply & in an unprecedented way.


Miami, Florida

One of the greatest powers you have,

is the power to heal yourself.

We spark and inspire your healing and create programs to support you! Our treatments are catalysts for cellular healing. Holistic healing is clinically shown to be the most effective when experienced within an extended treatment program. Our transformational programs & resources help you heal yourself. The right practices + daily repetition + time = the greatest transformation.

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